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The legal marijuana market is growing. According to ArchView Market Research and New Frontier, legal cannabis sales grew 17% in 2015 to $5.4 billion. In 2016, the market is expected to grow 25% and generate $6.7 billion in sales. With an increase in marijuana and medical marijuana legalization laws across the United States, the market could reach $21.8 billion in total annual sales by 2020. That would be more sales than the NFL.

In order to be successful in this market, you need to have smart marketing strategies that connect with your target audience. Though the marijuana industry is young, there are many companies competing to succeed. This is why smart marketing strategies and tactics are essential.

This Webinar will discuss some of the unique pitfalls companies need to avoid, as well as some of the critical marketing steps necessary. This event will cover traditional as well as online / digital marketing techniques, and some of the rules and regulations that make the marijuana industry different than any other in the U.S.