Over 80% of adults say website design is important.
70% will choose a product or service solely based on a website's design.

Cannabis Website Design

Website design and usability will have a significant impact on customer decisions.

At Social Web Tactics, we are thorough in our website usability testing, and website design work. We look at all aspects of a website including but not limited to navigation, RFI / online forms, landing pages, calls to action and more.


Wireframes are typically the first stage of a website design process. Our team can analyze your wireframes (website or mobile app), optimize them, and improve efficiency for the user.

Concepts & Visual Designs

Concepts (pre-wireframe) and visual designs (post-wireframe) are useful tools to help aid in the design of a website or mobile app. We employ our experts and independent users to evaluate the effectiveness, and provide recommendations that will produce greater success.

Existing Websites & Templates

Existing websites and templates are slightly more difficult to modify, because they are based on existing information architecture and may have limitations based on design and code. However, we can work through those challenges to improve site functionality.

Website Design

We have a Wordpress development team that can design a website for your company or organization. We have done work for business in education, retail, manufacturing, cannabis / marijuana, and other industries.

Website Project Management

Our team has 15 years of experience overseeing website redesign and new design projects. We have worked with third-party vendors on projects to help serve as a bridge between the company and its outside designers. We do this to ensure good branding and navigation.

Website Navigation & Architecture

Our extensive experience with search engine optimization and knowledge about how people use websites is an asset for companies interested in improving their website navigation and site architecture.

Why is website design and usability important for your cannabis business?

Over 80% of adults say that website design and the appearance of marketing materials is important, and over 70% say they will choose a product or service of one company over all the competition solely based on design.

This is why we work with companies to either help them with design, or help manage their design projects with other vendors. We also use our extensive experience in search engine optimization and understanding customer journeys to ensure your navigation and website architecture is the best it can be.

The truth is: we live in a digital world. Everything we do is increasingly done online.

A majority of your prospective customers will have their first interaction with your company or organization when they visit your website. Where they proceed when your homepage appears before them, how they interact, and what impressions they generate all stem from the usability of your website.

How usable is your site? What does a person see when they arrive? How do they navigate? Can they find information easily? How satisfied are people when they come to your site? And how satisfied are you? All of these elements and more are part of usability. More and more companies are turning to web technologists with knowledge of SEO and content marketing to conduct successful usability testing and help maximize a website’s performance and sales potential.

Social Web Tactics knows who to improve the design and usability of your marijuana website. We are ready and able to help your company develop and execute a successful strategy that leads to business growth.

Contact us today to discuss your business needs.